Christmas GIFs

The children used the program ABCya Animate to make their own Christmas Gifs.  They had to draw a series of pictures changing them slightly each time.  Then when played together they make these animations.

Spanish: Daily Routine. ICT: Video Making

In our Spanish lessons we have been learning to tell the time in Spanish and do describe our daily routine.    In ICT we learnt to use a new app called “Clips” which allows us to put lots of different clips together and add text and music.  We combined the two subjects to make the following videos.  Please note this is all the children’s work so some of the Spanish has been left uncorrected and the children have edited the videos as they wished.

Tate Exchange Project

On Wednesday 10 girls from year 5 had the chance to take part in the “Tate Exchange Project” at the Tate Modern.  The theme was ‘Making Moves’ and the children had the chance to explore the relationship between natural and manufactured movement.  through a series of free flow activities with other London schools. Have a look at our day…

It was fun travelling by train and seeing the sights along the river Thames.

Once we arrived at the Tate Modern , we took the lift to the 5th floor and overlooked an amazing view.

Throughout the day we had the chance to enjoy the most creative computing and information technology activities.

Above the girls are experimenting with Stop Motion Animations.  They made the backgrounds and characters and then animated their stories by taking lots of carefully placed photos.

Here, they are adapted a scratch code that is connected to a surveillance camera.  Once you move in the camera’s zone the pattern you have programmed begins.

There is just a snap shot of the creative activities we got up to.


Northern Lights Artwork

During the art component of our ‘Space Explorers’ topic, we created a piece of artwork based on the phenomenon the northern lights (aurora borealis). Many children had not heard of the northern lights before but they were very fascinated by the bright colours displayed!

We were inspired by an artwork by Kathy Angelnik. We used white chalk and coloured chalk pastels on black card. We created our artwork in stages. First we drew the mountains and the frozen lake/river at the bottom and then used a blue chalk pastel to show the night sky. Finally, using the bright colours of green, yellow, blue, purple (and for some, red) we created the northern lights.

We hope you enjoy our artwork!


Oreo Moon Phases!

During Science on Monday the children used Oreo biscuits to show the eight phases of the moon. They carefully separated the two halves of the biscuits and scraped away some of the icing to show the correct phase. Children then placed these phases in order around the sun and labelled them.

Do you know the eight phases of the moon?

Do you know what causes the phases of the moon?


Drama Hut!

Yesterday, Wednesday 27th September 2018, 5B participated in a drama workshop about our topic AD 900. Children learnt lots of facts about the Mayans, including their beliefs, gods and a special ball game called Pok a Tok! They also learnt an interesting fact about Mayan families – parents would tie some string to their child’s hair with a bead attached on the end, so the bead sat in between the child’s eyes. This encouraged the child to look at the bead and become cross eyed! Fascinating!

Children created freeze frames to show various things about Mayan daily life and the many (over 150!) gods. They also got to hold some cocoa beans (memories of our Year 3 topic on Chocolate!)



Exploring the Thames!

On Friday the 6th of July, Year 5 visited the Museum of London Docklands for a workshop hosted by the Thames Explorer Trust. This supported our learning in the IPC unit ‘Going with the FLow’ where we have been learning all about rivers. Our trip was a fantastic event and the children really showed that they are wonderful representatives of the school,  both at the event and while travelling on public transport (quite the mission on a very warm day!). Check out the photos below!

Space Explorers – Green Screen!

Last Wednesday, we visited the London Connected Learning Centre and took part in a ‘Green-screen’ workshop. To link with our last IPC unit, ‘Space Explorers,’ the children were given the opportunity to research, script and perform their own documentary on one part of the Solar System. Have a look at the fantastic mini-documentaries they have made!